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'Amelie:' Gracie Abrams’ New Single is a Fragile Ode to Lost Love

Singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams is one of many 20-somethings sliding into the music industry with their indie sound. Yet, the sincerity she puts into her lyrics has continually set her apart from other up-and-coming bedroom pop stars. “Amelie,” the third single off her upcoming album Good Riddance, is no different.

A departure from her previous alternative pop-driven singles like “i miss u, i’m sorry” and “Difficult,” “Amelie” is a broken-down ballad. Delicate finger-picking and layers of acoustic guitar lay the foundation and her lyrics construct a melancholy ode to a girl that “sort of ripped [her] open.” The opening verse feels reminiscent of “Bags” by Clairo, as both songs embody the tension that comes with new love.

“I met a girl once / She sorta ripped me open / She doesn't even know it / She doesn't know my name / We sat on the sofa / She asked me a million questions / I answered and by eleven/ Memorized her face.”

The “she doesn’t know” lines almost make Amelie seem like a phantom, a figment of Abrams’ imagination. As if her love was there and then gone, Abrams pleads during the chorus, calling out for Amelie.

“Where did you go / Amelie, Amelie, Amelie? / Where'd you go? / Or were you all in a dream / Amelie, Amelie? / I don't know.”

The character of Amelie is framed as this elusive yet constant being, her absence as significant as her presence. Abrams’ lyrics represent the overdramatization of new love, the constant questioning and the fear of it ending.

With the help of producer and musician Aaron Dessner, Abrams recorded “Amelie” and the entirety of Good Riddance at his renowned Long Pond Studios. Taylor Swift’s Grammy-winning album folklore was famously recorded in the isolated recording studio. Abrams will open 30 of Swift’s shows on the Eras Tour beginning in March, an opportunity she was granted based on her own merit — and her connection to longtime Swiftie collaborator, Dessner.

Yes, Gracie Abrams is a nepo baby. As the daughter of composer and filmmaker J.J. Abrams, she has undoubtedly benefited from her father’s musical legacy — and perhaps some musically-inclined genes. Luckily, she is one of the products of nepotism that has the talent to back up her clout.

Good Riddance, Abrams’ 12-track studio album, will be released Feb 24.

Graphic by Isa Luzarraga.

Originally published in Milk Crate.

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