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Audience Engagement

While a high school activity, journalism and media communications is also an industry. It was essential to institute elements of the professional world into Millard North's newsroom to further elevate our outreach.


Besides the revamping of our social media sites, I strived to brand myself as a reliable news source and therefore draw more focus towards the school publications.

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Promoting through Social Media

The biggest social media project I took on my senior year was creating an Instagram account for the journalism program. While our distribution was announced monthly over the school intercom, I recognized there was a more effective way of meeting students where they already are, on social media. We were able to integrate interactive elements into the account including a question type poll to receive story ideas.

To see full social media action, visit Web and Social Media.
Online Presence as a Journalist

Realizing my ambition to search for writing opportunities outside of The HoofbeatI have established a professional name for myself online. Marketing yourself is certainly a lot different than marketing a publication, however, it is an important skill to learn as I transition into the college and professional world. LinkedIn is a website I use regularly to highlight my freelance work as well as the articles I contribute to The Hoofbeat.

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Ensuring the Legacy of the Program

Starting second semester, current members of the newspaper and yearbook talk to students and advertise the journalism program. This year, I headed up the marketing associated with registering for journalism classes. I designed posters to put around the school, and I also put together a video promoting The Hoofbeat. I posted our "Week in the Life of the Newspaper Staff" on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

See the video on our Instagram and Twitter linked to the right.
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