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About Me

Welcome! My name is Isa Luzarraga, and I am a freelance journalist and writer. Since high school, I have savored the feeling of a pen in my hand and my fingers on the keyboard. I had always wanted to serve others and found myself drawn to social action projects and community action. Paired with my love for writing, these passions led me to journalism. 


I've devoted the past four years to honing my craft. Learning from industry professionals through Northwestern Medill's Institute as well as writing for New York-based Keke Magazine has allowed me to experience journalism and writing through different lenses.

Now as an honors student at Emerson College, I study journalism and film and media studies. I am the Managing Editor at Your Magazine and a content writer for Emerson's School of Communication.

Beyond my college studies and positions, I continue to freelance for various publications nationwide and have been published in Affinity Magazine, The Boston Globe, Emerson Today, Flatwater Free Press, Keke Magazine, Milk Crate, The Hoofbeat, The Intersectionalist Magazine and Your Magazine.

Isa Luzarraga sits in a white chair in front of a light teal background.


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