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My preferred method of storytelling has always been simply putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. While my coursework has encouraged me to explore other storytelling mediums, I always find myself simply going back to words. Whether writing a controversial editorial, an in-depth report on social issues, or a student feature, I try to bring readers into experiences through imagery and hard-earned quotes. This is a curated selection of writing clips. Please see The Latest for my most up-to-date reporting.

The impact of performative social media movements on Latine voices

Published in The Intersectionalist on Jan. 22, 2022

First-year Sofia Farres said she and her family were happy that others were finally attentive to Cuban people voicing their political, social, and economic struggles through #SOSCuba in July of 2021. Farres lost many family members during former president Fidel Castro’s regime, which many Cubans suffered under, she said. 

The #SOSCuba movement to inform American audiences of the injustices in Cuba flooded Twitter and Instagram with images of the Cuban flag and disapproving messages regarding the island's repressive government. Former Cuban president Fidel Castro’s ideas of liberty did not align with what the citizens of the country needed, resulting in censorship and repression that continues to this day. Castro’s rule was defined as authoritarian, with increased surveillance, unjust incarcerations, and acts of repudiation.

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Graphic by Hailey Akau

The Lady Bird Effect: How returning to our hometowns as college students provokes a change in perspective

Published in Keke Magazine on Dec. 27, 2021

“‘Do you think I look like I’m from Sacramento?’

‘You are from Sacramento.’”

The first lines of Greta Gerwig’s coming-of-age film, Lady Bird, reflect a common sentiment — at least, one among teenagers. Just replace “Sacramento” with “Nebraska” to relive conversations I had with my parents before moving to Boston for college.

“I wish I could live through something,” main character Lady Bird says.

As high schoolers, we harbor indifference, even disdain for our hometowns while yearning for change, adventure. We imagine ourselves in a different place, emotionally and physically.

“I don’t even want to go to school in this state anyway. I hate California. I want to go to the East Coast.”

As if a transition to college, a simple change in location will elicit a more sophisticated version of our persona: an adult, ready to begin their life.

Image by Kinga Cichewicz/Unsplash, Edit by Isa Luzarraga

The Self-Gift That Keeps on Giving : Award-Winning Paper Examines Shopping, Loneliness

Published in Emerson Today on Dec. 15, 2021

For Brent Smith, professor and chair of Emerson’s Marketing Communication department, the widespread loneliness felt during the pandemic raised questions in his marketer’s mind about self-gifting, an industry term that relates to how consumers shop for themselves.


If self-gifting resulted from social isolation before the pandemic, as studies indicated, then what happened during the COVID crisis? Moreover, how might the trend vary between two different cultures, such as the U.S. and India? And what can marketers and consumers alike learn from the trends?

Photograph courtesy of Adobe Stock

“What if it was you”: A Nebraskan student body’s movement to dismantle campus rape culture

Published in Keke Magazine on Sept. 8, 2021

“…and after he was done, he threw her on the lawn.” Students around campus describe the assault to one another. Women clutch their keys like weapons. Many take detours around Greek row. They fear the vulnerability that comes with nightfall. They prepare for the worst.

On Tuesday, August 24th, a 17-year-old female student from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was raped by a member of the UNL’s chapter of fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. Reports from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Police Department (UNLPD) detail the woman getting picked up by a friend and escorted to a local hospital. She talked with authorities after receiving medical attention.


Following this incident, thousands have been advocating for the termination of UNL’s chapter of Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) across social media and in the streets of Lincoln.

In a statement released by the fraternity, members said they were working closely with police to investigate the matter.

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Photographs contributed by Will Ramsey

Among friends, the Millard mask debate has a different tone

Published in Flatwater Free Press on Sept. 7, 2021

Sarah Moore and Amber Lichti have lived in the same Millard cul-de-sac for seven years, separated by one house. They share the occasional glass of Prosecco and chat about parenting their school-aged children. Their daughters, Lily and Annabelle, are self-declared best friends, most of the time, and go to fourth grade at Bess Streeter Aldrich Elementary School, a three-minute drive from home.


They are similar in parenting style. And yet these two Millard moms disagree about whether their daughters should have to wear masks to attend fourth grade — even as they both worry about the Delta variant and the school year ahead.

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Design courtesy of Flatwater Free Press

Meghan Markle: The royal escape history saw coming

Published in Keke Magazine on March 27, 2021

Tragedy proliferated worldwide in August of 1997 when it was announced Diana, Princess of Wales had perished from a car crash. A darling of not just the United Kingdom, approximately 2.5 billion people watched the late royal’s funeral. 

While Diana’s legacy is imbued with revolutionary fashion choices and unconventionality, her disheartening experience with the rest of the royal family was recently evoked once again by her son Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey that premiered on March 7th, 2021 in the U.S., Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Harry illuminated the harmful environment that is Buckingham Palace.

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Photograph courtesy of CBS

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