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Eight cozy, winter romance novels from New England authors to sweep you into the new year

Published in The Boston Globe

We’re basking in the aftermath of the giving holidays and with New Year’s Eve on the way, this week offers one more chance to crack open a feel-good, seasonal novel with sparks of romance. December in New England is equally beautiful and brisk, so here are eight winter romance novels written by New England authors to bring the heat into New Year’s. Heat up your cocoa and don fuzzy socks to get the full experience.

Hello, my name is Isa

I can't remember being at a loss for words.

Which is why writing has always been my preferred activity. After taking an introduction to journalism class as a 14-year-old in high school, I was hooked. With a background in social activism and a passion for writing, I found a forever home in journalism.

I've always wanted to create space for others. The clichéd phrase, "speak for others" was once seen as noble, however, is extremely assuming. No writer or orator has the same experience as another person, so how can an individual truly "speak for them?" Creating space is a more positive and proactive alternative. As a Cuban American woman, journalism has been my way to shine a light on issues in my community while also creating a platform for unique voices.

Enjoy exploring my work.

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