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‘There’s No Joy Without Anger:’ Maggie Rogers’ Feral Joy Tour at Roadrunner Put Us in ‘Overdrive’

Published in Milk Crate

28-year-old singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers embodies what it means to put every part of yourself into music. At one point during her Feb. 10 set at Roadrunner in Allston-Brighton, she doubled over between songs, overcome with emotion. 

Out of breath from playing her head-banging anthem “Shatter” she apologized to the audience and said she needed 30 more seconds to recover before her band launched into the next song.

“I’m just still so fucking mad from playing that song,” she confided with a chuckle. “But this is kind of part of Feral Joy. There’s no joy without anger.”

Hello, my name is Isa

I can't remember being at a loss for words.

Which is why writing has always been my preferred activity. After taking an introduction to journalism class as a 14-year-old in high school, I was hooked. With a background in social activism and a passion for writing, I found a forever home in journalism.

I've always wanted to create space for others. The clichéd phrase, "speak for others" was once seen as noble, however, is extremely assuming. No writer or orator has the same experience as another person, so how can an individual truly "speak for them?" Creating space is a more positive and proactive alternative. As a Cuban American woman, journalism has been my way to shine a light on issues in my community while also creating a platform for unique voices.

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